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Michael Rockstar

“Michael Rockstar is an odd bird: a musical comedian. What's more: He's actually pretty funny. It's not necessarily his Adam Sandler-esque folk songs that make Rockstar a hit, though; it's his charming demeanor, his broad smile and the fact that he is always himself—and loving it. ”

“It's not good, necessarily, but it is funny. Tenacious D, watch your back”

“Extroverted cliche bashing, too cool for school musical stage comedy. The show man, the show--brilliance and bullshit combined into the duality of ice and toxic waste. Light hearted lullygag rip torn, destiny-born--The man himself Michael Rockstar”

“Amid all the silliness, beneath layers of vaudevillian comedy, lies music that is fun for anyone between the age of 9 and 90”